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The Rise of Southern Nationalism

July 8, 2012

The Rise of Southern Nationalism.  Conservatism isn’t working. I’ll admit that conservatism sure seemed like home during the Cold War era, attempting to protect kith and kin against the encroachments of the Red Scare abroad. But it hasn’t worked; that Red Scare has found a home in our own government and utilizes various measures to use our own system of laws, especially the Constitution, against us.

If things do not change dramatically, can there be any doubt that for the foreseeable future we will continue to see our rights whittled away? Does any credible person believe that the right to determine one’s own faith to be safe from government interference? The right to pray publicly was once part and parcel of our culture, and was commonly acknowledged that public prayer was exercising one’s right to exercise one’s faith, even publicly. Does anyone dare to argue to the contrary that the right to keep and bear arms will continue to come under determined assault by those in this nation who believe all citizens should be disarmed and that the words of the 2d Amendment to the Constitution will be construed to mean something that they have never meant?

It is time for a change. Especially so for Southerners.


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